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Janeene Anderson has been on a journey of self discovery since she can remember.  Due to many strange illnesses and death in her family Janeene began searching for answers to a million questions coming from within her from her mid teens.
Finally In the year 2000 she was guided to the new information coming forth and realised that she had been doing it (the New Consciousness work) all along and was and had been on her path for a very long time and just didn't know it.
Janeene is known for her Compassion, Understanding, Passion, Simplicity in explaination and Acceptance of all things especially other peoples issues - 
"  I have been there and done that, experienced this & that,  so I have aquired these qualities over time .... at least now I know I went through all these so called traumas/dramas/chaos so that I could fully understand and eventually help my family and others to get through these issues alot easier and faster.  I can now look back and see everything I have been through as a gift and am now Honoured to share with all that care to listen.   The only thing I endevour to do now is to enjoy life to the highest of my potential and share that joy with everyone who wants to play too. "  - Janeene Anderson