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Gloria is turning 80 years young on the 15th July 2012 !   And my family and I are choosing to make it an extra special one. 

My mother, Gloria Elder, has always been there for her family and friends, a very compassionate woman, who rarely judges or puts her opinions on others.  Always there to lend a friendly ear and helps others just by her presence in a room, her soft and accepting energy helps to balance those in need.  My mum has lived a life of service to her entire family, myself, my children and others, through thick and thin, sickness and health she has always been there as solid as a rock and now is the time to celebrate her.

 My mum said she didn't want a big party and wasn't sure what she wanted to do.  So I put it out there " What would be a Grand thing to do for her 80th?  Something extra special for this extra special Lady, something different that she has never done before, something exciting  ... "

The answer came quickly when I was on the phone to my Keahak friend, Kathryn.  We had began creating a trip to Colorado for the end of Keahak Project Celebrations (a Consciousness Development World Wide year long project) and my friend mentioned that it might be worth our while to stop of in Paris for a few nights so that we can spread our payments out instead of incurring a lump sum.  Mmmmmm Paris?  Adamus tried to get me there last year... I could hear him laughing in the background.  Then it hit me!  I would be in Paris on my mum's birthday!  Oh No!  but hang on the realisation came very quickly (a knowing) ' TAKE MUM TO PARIS WITH YOU '  What a Grand present !  Mum has never been overseas before !
But I do need your help to get her there.  As I have my own trip to pay and my 4 children to be looked after while I am gone I can not afford to pay for her entire trip alone.  It will take around $4,500 for fares and accommodation for 5 nights in Paris and a stop off in Singapore for 2 nights on the way and my Keahak friend will be with us as tour guide as she is a seasoned traveller.

So to our family and friends we ask, instead of buying her a present for her 80th,  if you could donate any money you can, as every little bit will help, and those who can donate generously it would be very appreciated as mum is on the pension and has no funds or even a credit card I am using my resources to get her there and any donations to fund her trip.  We need to pay her trip by the end of this month, so thats why I am asking for donations now.

As of the 30th March 2012, I will be residing at  1 Lennard Drive, Moana, so if you decide to post a cheque remember to post to this new address from the 28th.
I will be still here at 141 Esplanade, Port Noarlunga South until the 29th although most our stuff will have been moved by the 26th and I will be busy here just cleaning for a few days - KIDS!  little mess makers.... :)
Once I have settled into the new house and closer to her birthday (June) I will be posting a time for an afternoon tea for her 80th and my house warming.  Hope you can all make that as I am sure she will want to thank you personally for your donation / present.

Thank You all for your help to get Gloria to Paris for her 80th !  Below is my contact details if you would prefer to give cash in person, send a cheque instead of via PayPal or Credit Card....
I will also be posting how much we raise in intervals to keep you updated.  All donations will be kept  private & confidential unless you wish to hand them personally to Gloria.

Janeene Anderson
141 Esplanade
Port Noarlunga South  SA  5168
    Change of address from the 29th
1 Lennard Drive
Moana  SA  5169

Phone:  0401 392 678 (txt me to call you if you like as I have unlimited phone calls)


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