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Welcome to
The Chillin'  Space !
As the name suggests this is a place to Chill Out, Relax and Rejuvenate.  An energetically Safe Space to remember and return to your core essence,  ' The Real You ' .
At The Chillin' Space we offer :
*  Massage Therapies with Personal Transformation Counselling for Individuals
*  Family, Couples, Children and Teenager Therapy Consultations
*  Net working with other Professional  Natural & Alternative Therapist for spacific needs of clients
*  Creative Art / Performing Art  Workshops for fun and therapy for All Ages
*  Various Wellbeing Workshops for Personal Development, Healing and Transformation for All ages
* Private Consultations - On line or over the phone and therapy sessions
Janeene Anderson and her professional and experienced therapists and teachers are Passionate, Compassionate and Joyful  in serving all that ask these types of questions  -
" Who Am I ?  "  
" How Do I Reach My Full Potential ? "
"  Why Am I So Different ? "
" Why Do I See and Feel Things So Differently to Others ? "
" What Am I Doing Here ? "
" How Do I Cope with Life & Others ? "
"  Can Anyone Help Me ? "
" Why is School / Study so difficult ? "
"  Why does my Body seems to be falling apart ? "
"  What is it with all these Aches and Pains ? "
" Why Don't I seem to fit In to the Norm ? "
"  Why Am I so Stuck in this pattern ? "
" Just  WTF !! is happening to me / my life ? "
" Am I loosing my mind ? "
" How do I create what I want in my life ? "
We can answer these and many more questions about you, life and the changing world around you - we can help you to change (expand)  your reality and your life
We Are Here to Facilitate, Comfort and Support those on the path of  Healing, Transformation and Expansion of Ones Entire Being -
We Are Here to Assist You in the INTEGRATION of 
ALL OF WHO YOU ARE ............